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With over a century of collective aircraft engineering experience, our teams at Van Breda Consulting are ready to offer a first-class service as Airline Customer Representatives. Whether Lease Returns, C/D checks, or aircraft-mods, let us be the liaison between you and your chosen MRO! Our hands-on approach, complimented by our long-standing relationships with various MROs in the region allow us to offer a smooth landing through all the Paperwork, inspections, and Man-hour auditing!


Services We Offer

We provide eight key services required for all your customer-rep. needs during inspections, checks and projects at your chosen MRO across South East Asia and the Middle East

Services Details

Here at Van Breda Consulting, we are experienced in coordinating & strategising maintanence tasks with MROs for both scheduled maintanence and quick checks. We strive to always provide meaningful discussion and analysis surrounding maintenance, lease returns and Check-services.


On-Site Airline Representative
(in HKG / SIN / AUH MROs)

Utilize us as your on-site representative for active and effective communication between you and your chosen MRO. We proudly offer:

  • A Strong working relation with both Hong Kong, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi MROs
  • Routine (daily) reports, continuous assessments, and daily inspections
  • Bi-daily conference meetings
  • Non-Routine Card (NRC) monitoring/signing and Task Card oversight
  • Service Request (SR) submissions
  • On-site general Technical support/liaison between you and the MRO

Whether you are making a quick check, or looking to create something more long term, let us help your MRO relations take flight.


Lease Return Support
(Airline Representative)

Here at VBC, we utilize the vast skill and efficacy of our industry-veteran staff when completing lease returns. As part of our lease return practice, we include:

  • Routine (daily) reports and on-going assessment of the check-status
  • In-depth assessment of defects and technical issues found on inspection
  • Professional feedback and suggestions for repair or maintenance opportunities
  • Detailed project oversight and on-site management of the check
  • Service Requests (SR) submissions / other related-document handling

Let us handle your lease returns, and feel assured of a thorough and detailed inspection of your assets.


Airline Representation for C & D Check
(in HKG / SIN / AUH MROs)

Whether it is the first C-Check in the aircraft’s lifetime or perhaps one of its last, we are ready to represent your airline with Hong Kong, Singapore and Abu Dhabi MROs during these checks.

  • Daily status reports with thorough daily inspections
  • Bi-daily meetings (or as required) in a conference call with both the MRO and you
  • MRO document handling/signing
  • Project oversight ensuring timely finish and to match aircraft’s allocated check-slot
  • Will follow up any issues raised by you or the MRO
  • Able to coordinate proactive response to all matters raised


Return To Service (RTS) Inspections

Have an aircraft due for a return-to-service? Then look no further. As part of our RTS, we help you ensure that the aircraft:

  • Is up to code
  • Has been routinely inspected
  • Has been maintained, fixed, cleaned and looked after while at your chosen MROs hangar


Technical Document Liaison & Handling

Let us worry about the documentation while your aircraft are being serviced! We will liaise and handle the documentation that is required on-site, on your behalf. Our teams are well experienced and adept in handling various industry-related forms including:

  • Service Requests
  • Application of Engineering Orders (EO)and Service Bulletins (SB)
  • Execution of Task Cards/Non-Routine Cards (NRC) during aircraft servicing
  • NRC and Ex-contract hour monitoring and signing


On-Site Technical Support Consultant

We pride ourselves in having a very diverse and strong team of representatives across both Hong Kong and Singapore. Many of whom are veterans with twenty or more years experience in the aviation industry. Our on-site technical support is adaptive to any particular check, or during a particular problem.

We are eager and ready to bring our expertise to the forefront to represent you.


Man-hour Audits and Monitoring

Man-hour auditing can be difficult to do from afar, especially when there are countless tasks to oversee and manage during checks. Our combined decades of hands-on experience in this industry has equipped to best:

  • Watch and audit the total man-hours required during checks
  • Work and negotiate to ensure that fair-hours are given both to you and with your MRO
  • We exercise critical assessment on complex defects
  • Prepare evaluations on the man hours required for the best finish or repair

Leave the man-hours to us, so you can focus on the greater details


Regulatory Compliance and Standards Monitoring

As a corner-stone in aviation engineering, we know the importance of strict and accurate regulatory compliance. Which is why at VBC, we make it a top priority among all of our projects. As part of our monitoring, we promise to:

  • Ensure repairs are always within legal limits
  • Monitor compliance and application of regulatory standards
  • Be a port-of-call for interpretation and clarification of regulations on your behalf
  • Be a relay for airline-specific requirements to ensure the MRO correctly applies repairs and modifications in accordance with internal regulation as well.

About Us

Our mission statement:

To provide honest, skillful and critical expertise in all aspects of our clients needs and our offered services.

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